Pro departure board USB audio upgrade kit

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This kit adds USB audio support to our older next generation large LED boards (fully enclosed frame without a USB socket). With this kit you can either plug in a USB Speaker (included in the kit) or USB audio adapter (purchased separately) into the aux input of any device that supports aux input.

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This kit can be installed by the customer with a few basic tools (no soldering required) This will not void the boards warranty provided it is not damaged during this installation.


  • Unscrew both plastic end caps via the 2 large hex bolts on each end.
  • Plug the right angle USB cable into the USB socket on the controller board.
  • Plug the long extension USB cable into the USB right angle cable and feed through the board to the other end.
  • Pop out the middle pre cut slot on the plastic end cap and screw on the USB socket (you may need to pinch for the screws to line up)
  • Screw both plastic end caps back on.
  • Select ‘External USB speaker’ on the Device tab.

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UK Departure Boards are the ultimate enthusiast gadget!

Geoff Marshall

On our Making Tracks layout we’ve got 3 fantastic departure boards, the large one showing real time information from Milton Keynes Central and 2 medium boards showing the destinations of our model trains – simply magical!

Pete Waterman