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From: £5.99 (exc. VAT £4.99) / month

  • The boards are a cloud based product which require 24/7 server support to allow them to receive processed real time service data.
  • Subscriptions help pay for this server usage and to develop more exciting features which are constantly being added to the boards.
  • One subscription covers all your boards.
  • You can upgrade / downgrade your subscription at any time.

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Please note: This is not a physical product, it is a software  add on to the real boards you must purchase separately . You are not buying a physical departure board when selecting this product. Nothing will be shipped out. Subscriptions will only work in conjunction with a real board (they will not work standalone)




  • Live Train/Tube/Tram/Bus for any station / stop
  • Default settings
  • 60sec live data refresh interval
  • 24/7 support
  • COMING SOON! model rail integrations via RFIDBe able to display your model rail services on your departure board via MegaPointControllers RFID integration.



  • Includes all Free tier features
  • Automated firmware updates.
  • Hundreds of customisable options inc colour, timings etc..The board comes with as standard hundreds of options / colours to configure your board exactly how you want it.
  • Audio Annoucements (seperate voice pack purchases required)Add real audio announcements to your board, featuring Elinor Hamilton.
  • 15sec live data refresh intervalNever miss a update with super fast real time data refresh rate.
  • Full page station message fading effect
  • New clock fonts
  • Full screen clockFull screen clock for no service screen / optional any time mode.
  • Paged 3rd row station messagesThe 3rd row will page the station messages rather then scroll them.
  • Date formatting optionsFormat the desktop departures data exactly how you want it.
  • Custom no service messageEdit the no services screen with your own custom text.
  • TOC on 2nd rowThe TOC will appear separately on the 2nd row instead of being part of the calling at list.
  • New row update animation effectsFun new sliding row animations to mimic the latest station boards.
  • IconsPlatform Bus/Ship Icons along with Tube icons to indicate if a mainland station is shared with the tube. Plus many more to come!
  • Up to 20 servicesRotate up to 20 services if available from the feed.
  • Train alarmsSet your favorite services and have the board alert you when they are near.
  • Desktop Departures, full page services (6 rows)Display up to 6 rows of services all at once with this new feature.
  • Virtual version of the departure board (with record feature)Be able to view your departure board in any web browser for times you are away from your real one. Also includes a recording feature for sharing with friends.
  • Advanced feed schedulerThe board can swap between any pre configured station/tab/settings any time of the day with this advanced scheduler.
  • Create / share colour themesSwap between your own / others colour themes. You can also make them public for others to use.
  • Current weather / forecastDisplay the current weather/forecast for your location.
  • BBC RSS feedsDisplay various sport / news rss feeds from the bbc.
  • New premium features constantly being added.
Premium Plus



  • Includes all Premium tier features
  • Live bus departure data via TransportAPIWe buy live bus data from TransportAPI which covers 99% of stops in the UK.
  • COMING SOON! Custom timetables, stations & servicesCreate your own custom timetables, stations and services.
  • COMING SOON! Standalone virtual departure boardNo need for a real board any more to run our virtual departure boards.

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

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The subscription must be purchased on the same account the board has been registered with.

At the moment the only difference is Premium Plus enables real time bus arrival data as we have to pay for this data up front.

Yes, you only require one subscription. This will cover unlimited amount of departure boards which are attached to your account.

Yes, all our departure boards will work without any subscriptions displaying departures for any UK train, tube, tram & bus station / stop but will have limited options and features available. Click here for more information about the various available subscriptions.

4 reviews for Subscriptions

  1. russdx (verified owner)

    Add’s loads of fantastic new features and options to the board. Well worth the small monthly charge.

  2. Ben Broomfield (verified owner)

    Totally transformed my board! This adds one level more to the customisation of the board from the default free package my large board shipped with. Totally recommended, well worth the extra £4.99 p/m

    Hopefully we’ll see train formation diagrams added in a future update!

  3. Reginald Chan (verified owner)

    as always a smashing sub im currently a Premium Yearly and service is awsome love the features and addons that come along with it


    also along with customer support via twitter

  4. Roy Tait (verified owner)

    The one month free premium subscription gave me a taster for the awesome features available and yes, it succeeded in getting me hooked and signing up for a yearly subscription.

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UK Departure Boards are the ultimate enthusiast gadget!

Geoff Marshall

On our Making Tracks layout we’ve got 3 fantastic departure boards, the large one showing real time information from Milton Keynes Central and 2 medium boards showing the destinations of our model trains – simply magical!

Pete Waterman
Based on 77 reviews
vicky Morgan
vicky Morgan
If I could give more stars I would! This is an amazing product for all train geeks and non geeks alike. Plus, Russell went above and beyond with fantastic customer service. The board is brilliant in its own right but has voice packs and so many other features like news and weather. I’m blown away!!! A word of warning. If you are looking at other products…. Don’t risk it. You get what you pay for and anything else is inferior!!
Dom Mills
Dom Mills
Echoing all the other, thoroughly deserved, positive reviews! Went for the medium sized board as a surprise Christmas present for my son. It's fantastic. Really configurable via an intuitive web based app. We did need a bit of support which was provided swiftly and got us up and running with no stress. I was a little nervous about spending quite so much on this but so glad I did. My son loves it and tinkers with the settings. Confident of being brilliantly supported if I need any help in the future.
gamer boy
gamer boy
love it it works amazingly and it is a useful clock
Robbie Henry
Robbie Henry
You asked for my opinion about the desktop dep board I purchased. Well, for the main part it is a nice toy to have. However, I need to ask where the information displayed comes from and by what process it reaches my board. Why am I asking? Well, as of up to now there has been displayed information on a M-F service - and this is Sunday. There have been a few other oddities that I've noticed but I've not looked into them in any detail. There is another 'peculiarity' I've noticed. On ANY service which goes past midnight, none of the stations called at by that train after 2359 appear in the 'Calling at list'. It's a long time since I've taken a late night service, but I feel sure that this doesn't happen on real station boards.
Neil Bennett
Neil Bennett
Purchased a classic departure board 12 months ago and loved it ever since, have upgraded to a premium monthly subscription which gives you more scope to try different things with it and have also the Elinor Hamilton voice pack which gives you real time platform announcements, if you’re into railways it’s a must have
Kieran Whitehouse
Kieran Whitehouse
An excellent device if you need up to the minute departures for your trip to and from your workplace.
Adam Ogier
Adam Ogier
The dogs nuts for this niche product, i must for any train enthusiast, great support just a message away
Karen Openshaw
Karen Openshaw
Fantastic product and service.
Benjamin Hale
Benjamin Hale
I love this. It's mostly a novelty of course but being able to add a news feed does mean I can glance across at what's going on. I'd recommend a sound option for the alarm feature as currently it only flashes the display.