Audio Announcements

Getting started

Voice packs can be purchased from here. Once the voice pack has been purchased the departure board will automatically start downloading the voice pack and configuring itself to enable audio. Please note this can take 5 – 25 minutes depending on board hardware. You can check on the audio configuration / voice pack download progress at any time via the ‘Device’ tab audio section status. The departure board will show it has successfully configured it self with audio support when the status displays ‘Enabled’ If it remains on ‘Disabled’ or another status in orange for a long period reboot the board, if continued issues contact support.

Don’t forget to Activate the audio once it’s ready.

We recommend using a wired speaker where possible ie Internal / USB as Bluetooth connections can be a little unstable and not 100% reliable. Check out the USB Speaker / Upgrade kit sections below for more information.

USB Speaker

The older style LED departure boards where you can access the controllers USB ports can have a USB speaker / line out adapter plugged directly into them. Plug the USB speaker into one of the available USB ports and select ‘External USB Speaker’ from the device drop down. Any USB speaker / adapter should work (it must be a proper USB speaker not a ‘USB powered speaker’) Below is a list of known working and tested USB speakers / adapters.

Bluetooth Speaker

All departure boards support Bluetooth audio. Select ‘External Bluetooth Speaker’ from the device drop down and follow this guide for setting up a Bluetooth speaker.

Upgrade Kits

We offer upgrade kits so first generation Desktop Departures(without the internal speaker). Large LED departure boards can have external speakers added to them via USB.

WARNING: Some older boards with aging SD cards have problems supporting audio. A new SD card is required in some situations. We have found USB audio works better on the older boards. If you upgrade and have issues please contact us for support.

If there is 15 failed audio play attempts usually because of a disconnected Bluetooth / USB speaker. The board will automatically disable audio. It can easily be enabled again via web config (device->device-audio->enabled). It is generally a good idea to only keep enabled when a audio device is present.

RTT feed is only partially supported due to the way we have to remap there TIPLOC codes to the CRS codes which our audio system runs on. You might find some announcements will not play.