The UKs leading provider of replica station departure boards. Bring live train departures information to your home with a UK departure board! Available in 3 sizes to display real time information for your local station or indeed any station - train, tram, bus or tube in the UK.

We have over 7 years of experience manufacturing high quality products. Each board is designed and built in Britain with the ability to perform real station announcements. We use a variety of data sources to accurately show what is scheduled at a station in real time. Whether you are an enthusiast wanting to see the latest action or a commuter wanting to know if your train is arriving or delayed. A UK departure board can bring it to you.

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Bristol Parkway train departures

We currently have 2052 boards online.

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Showing all 8 results

UK Departure Boards are the ultimate enthusiast gadget!

Geoff Marshall

On our Making Tracks layout we’ve got 3 fantastic departure boards, the large one showing real time information from Milton Keynes Central and 2 medium boards showing the destinations of our model trains – simply magical!

Pete Waterman

Railcam UK and UKDB have for many years been providing our little departure board widget, buried deep within our live signalling diagrams. The physical boards are the next level though and we recommend them wholeheartedly to any gadget freak or rail enthusiast (or both).