Matthew Streeton (London Underground) Voice Pack

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£14.99 (inc. VAT £17.99)

Add real audio announcements to your departure board with this authentic London Underground voice pack recorded by Matthew Streeton one of the real voices of the National Rail London and Southern England. This audio pack features all 270 London Underground stations and DLR. This voice pack has over 370 individual samples.

This voice pack has the follow features

  • The next train
  • Train approaching
  • Station messages
  • 14 platforms
  • 13 Lines
  • 320 stations inc DLR



  • This product can only be used in conjunction with one of our physical departure boards.
  • The account will  need  an active Premium Subscription for audio to be enabled.
  • Click here for help setting up the audio announcements.
  • Click here for help setting up a Bluetooth speaker.
WARNING: Once a voice pack is purchased the board will start downloading & installing it automatically. DO NOT turn the board off until the voice pack installation is complete. You can check on its progress via the ‘Device’ tab under ‘Device audio status’ It will report as ‘Enabled‘ once complete.


Audio announcement getting started guide


Audio Announcements & Voice Packs

Yes, audio announcements & voice packs require an active Premium subscriptions to be enabled.

  • Make sure you are running an active Premium subscription or trial.
  • Make sure the voice pack was purchased on the same account the Departure Board is attached to.
  • Check the audio is actived under the audio section on the ‘Device’ tab on the web configuration.
  • Check the device type is correct. Ie Desktop Departures will be ‘Internal Speaker’ or ‘Bluetooth Speaker’ and the Classic & Pro will either be ‘External USB Speaker’ or ‘Bluetooth Speaker’ depending what speaker you have attached.

Yes, once purchased and there is a active Premium Subscription the departure board will be automatically installed. Give the board about 15min for this process to complete with the board turned on. You can view the status of the installation via the device tab audio section on the web configuration page.