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Measuring 60cm x 11.5cm x 3.5cm – Great for wall displays in your hall, study or hobby room. Display live departures for all your favourite UK Train/Tube/Bus/Tram stations on your own highly customisable departure board. Ideal for the home or office. Makes a fantastic gift for all those rail enthusiasts out there. Live train times.

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Product Features

  • Designed to simulate the real station departure boards in great detail.
  • View real time train/tube/bus/tram departures for your favourite uk stations/stops.
  • Live train/tube/bus service information from real feeds.
  • Fully configurable (colour’s, arrival times, animation speeds etc..)
  • Web based configuration app  (give it a try)
  • Self updating firmware.
  • Power saving options.
  • Can be mounted to a wall via mounting channels in the back frame.
  • Real Audio announcements via Bluetooth or USB Speaker (Note: Requires Voice Packs & Premium subscription).
  • Comes with one month Premium subscription for free.


  • You can use all of our boards without a subscription, however if you want to enjoy some of the great extra features we've developed then you'll need to choose a subscription.
  • Cosmetic settings will revert back to there defaults once the Free one month trial expires if a paid subscription is not purchased.
  • Audio announcements require an active Premium subscription.
  • Premium configuration example
  • Free configuration example
  • Click here for more information about our subscriptions.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: width: 60cm, height: 11.5cm, depth: 3.5cm
  • Display: 192x32px 3mm Full colour RGB LED
  • Networking: dual-band 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz wireless
  • Peripherals: USB3
  • Power consumption: 6 watts (50% brightness)
  • Operating voltage: 5v DC
  • Accessories: Wall plug AC 110v – 250v Power Adaptor 1.5m cable, Wall hanger kit
  • Certification: UKCA

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 50 × 11.5 × 3.5 cm


  • Installation guide: setup.pdf
  • Installation video:


Classic & Pro

Yes, all colours can be changed to any colour via the web configuration app.

Yes. the Classic & Pro departure boards will come with wall mounting hangers if you choose to hang it on the wall.

Yes, the Classic & Pro will require either a external Bluetooth or USB speaker. We recommend a USB speaker as it is far more reliable than Bluetooth and is plug and play.

The Classic & Pro departure board display is full RGB ie each pixel can display any colour you choose.


Yes, you can display custom messages on the board.

No, all information is displayed via the departure boards screen.

Yes, the boards will pretty much connect to any WiFi network available as long as it supports a network name & password. If using a iPhone make sure the apostrophe is removed from the hot spot name this can be done via ‘Settings->General->About->Name’

No, only one active station is displayed at a time. But there Premium subscription features to make the board automatically cycle between different stations.

Yes, we support 99% of UK Rail, Tube, Tram & Bus station / stops.

No, at the moment they will only show passenger services for passenger stations. But we do plan on adding freight soon!

No, sadly this is a closed system not connected to National Rail with no available public feed.

Yes, All Tyne and Wear Metro stations are now fully supported.

Yes, they make a fantastic gift for any transport enthusiast, young or old.

Yes, the boards support a 24 hour clock.

The information is as accurate as you would find at the real station as we use the same data source

The boards are incredibly customisable with over 100 different options to tweak the display exactly how you want it.

Please contact us at [email protected]

All configuration is done via our web configuration app.

The board will talk to our servers via your WiFi connection and then talk to a variety of external data feeds to receive the relevant departure information.

We ship the boards out within 1-2 days and offer 24/48 hour shipping via Royal Mail and Parcel Force.

The departure information is updated every 60sec in free mode and every 30sec when running a Premium subscription.

Yes, the Desktop Departures is best suited for a bedside table or kitchen top. The Classic and Pros can be placed on top of furniture and come with mounting kits so they can be wall mounted as well.

No, the boards are free to use. Certain options and extra features will require a paid subscription.

Basically just the size, the Classic is 60cm and has an clear acrylic window and the Pro is 100cm. They both have the exact same functionality and run the same firmware.

Yes, all our boards require a internet connection to receive live departure information.

Yes, as long as you have access to WiFi the board will work. It will only show UK time and services though. The board comes with a uk style wall plug power supply which can be run on 110v to 240v. You can swap this with any local 5v 3amp dc jack wall plug with the correct plug for your country.


The subscription must be purchased on the same account the board has been registered with.

At the moment the only difference is Premium Plus enables real time bus arrival data as we have to pay for this data up front.

Yes, you only require one subscription. This will cover unlimited amount of departure boards which are attached to your account.

Yes, all our departure boards will work without any subscriptions displaying departures for any UK train, tube, tram & bus station / stop but will have limited options and features available. Click here for more information about the various available subscriptions.

Technical Support

The board is unable to connect to your network. Most common reasons for this are..

  • Check for incorrect network password (They are case sensitive)
  • Check the router supports a 2.4ghz network and is on WiFi channel 1 to 6 and any smart channel swapping is disabled.
  • If the board completely refuses to connect to the network (very rare but does occasionally happen) Another solution is to use a cheap WiFi repeater to resolve this problem.

Here are a couple things to check.

  • ‘Filter out services departing in the next x min’ has not been set to a large value filtering out most services at a busy station.
  • ‘Force on ‘no services screen’ permanently’ is not enabled. This will just force the no service screen. to appear.
  • Check there is at least one platform filter selected.
  • Check ‘Include services with unknown platform’ is enabled.

Press the WIFI reset button for 3 seconds to put the board back into WIFI setup mode. On Desktop Departures this is the little black button at the back. On the Classic it is the black button on the side near the power connector. On the Pro it is the green button on the side near the power connector.

The departure boards take 15-20sec to boot when plugged in. They will have a completely blank screen within this time window. There will be a lit green led on the end cap to indicate the board is receiving power. If you do not see this or the board does not boot after about 60 sec please contact support.

If you are just seeing a spinning icon. Give this guide a go

This warning can be ignored as at this point of the setup the board does not have internet yet.

  • First make sure you are connected to the ‘DepartureBoard’ Wifi network on the same device correctly (You can see a blue tick next to the network name and not a spinning connecting icon).
  • Double check exactly has been typed into the devices browser. Make sure digit zero’s have been used not letter O’s.
  • Sometimes turning off the phones GSM data can help.

1 review for Classic Departure Board

  1. Darren Randall (verified owner)

    It’s great, absolutely amazing addition to my room.
    Only thing not giving it 5 stars is the subscription. Once it runs out, you lose ALL CUSTOMISATION OPTIONS. Please don’t be fooled it isn’t made clear on this page.
    If a bit more was included for free plan it would be perfect, plus I don’t want to pay a subscription after paying £300+ already

  2. russdx

    Thanks for leaving us a review.

    We are glad you like the board.

    Subscriptions are necessary to help cover the server running costs of the boards which rely on our infrastructure 24/7. In free plan we are running at a loss and depend on paid subscriptions to help cover costs.

    Our subscriptions page does cover what is and is not included in the free plan.


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