Elinor Hamilton (National Rail) Voice Pack

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Add real audio announcements to your departure board with this National Rail voice pack recorded by Elinor Hamilton the real voice of the London Underground. This audio pack features all 2850 Mainland stations including Ireland. This voice pack has over 3000 individual samples.

This voice pack has the follow features

  • The next service
  • Service approaching
  • Terminating services
  • Platform changes
  • Service delays
  • Service cancellations
  • Top 50 delay/cancellation reasons
  • 42 TOC’s
  • 18 platforms A-D
  • 2850 stations inc Ireland



  • This product can only be used in conjunction with one of our physical departure boards.
  • Voice packs require an active Premium Subscription to be enabled.
  • We do not offer refunds on Voice Packs.
  • Click here for help setting up the audio announcements.
  • Click here for help setting up a Bluetooth speaker.


Audio announcement getting started guide


Audio Announcements & Voice Packs

Yes, audio announcements & voice packs require an active Premium subscriptions to be enabled.

  • Make sure you are running an active Premium subscription or trial.
  • Make sure the voice pack was purchased on the same account the Departure Board is attached to.
  • Check the audio is actived under the audio section on the ‘Device’ tab on the web configuration.
  • Check the device type is correct. Ie Desktop Departures will be ‘Internal Speaker’ or ‘Bluetooth Speaker’ and the Classic & Pro will either be ‘External USB Speaker’ or ‘Bluetooth Speaker’ depending what speaker you have attached.

The voice packs must be purchased on the same account the board has been registered with.

Yes, once purchased and there is a active Premium Subscription the departure board will be automatically installed. Give the board about 15min for this process to complete with the board turned on. You can view the status of the installation via the device tab audio section on the web configuration page.

3 reviews for Elinor Hamilton (National Rail) Voice Pack

  1. russdx (verified owner)

    Fantastic audio add on, makes the board feel even more authentic just like your at the station hearing all the announcements.

  2. DK (verified owner)

    Brilliant product at a reasonable price which adds a great functionality to my board.

    It transforms the product to an almost identical version of the real thing!

  3. William Clennell (verified owner)

    Brilliant addition to an already brilliant product, with lots of customisable features (and importantly all the new stations too!).

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UK Departure Boards are the ultimate enthusiast gadget!

Geoff Marshall

On our Making Tracks layout we’ve got 3 fantastic departure boards, the large one showing real time information from Milton Keynes Central and 2 medium boards showing the destinations of our model trains – simply magical!

Pete Waterman

Railcam UK and UKDB have for many years been providing our little departure board widget, buried deep within our live signalling diagrams. The physical boards are the next level though and we recommend them wholeheartedly to any gadget freak or rail enthusiast (or both).